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When you break into a place of residence with the intent to steal stuff.
Originated in Los Angeles.

"like i was flocking, i took his bitch in a heart beat" -Heartbeat by YG 400

"they gave me 6 months in the county cus i got caught flocking" - Fast by YG 400

"my niggaz... flock in the house, hope he come out with the safe" -First Pass by Nipsey Hussle

"Whats flocking? Breaking in homes, B and E, burglary, damn you slow" -Californication by Nipsey Hussle
guy 1: what you gunna later on?
guy 2: nothing, why? watup?
guy 1: i need rent money, you down to go flocking
guy 2: fo sho, hopefully no one is home and we dont get caught.
by mr. pass real fast May 09, 2013
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Putting pink plastic flamingos on someone's lawn.

Flocking can be used as a prank, a lawn greeting or a fundraiser where people pay money to flock their friends and neighbors:

For a small sum of money, the flamingos are removed.
For a larger sum of money, the victim can chose which house will be flocked next.

To prevent from getting flocked, sometimes a donation can be payed in advance.

Also known as flamingoing.
The baseball team raised money by flocking the neighborhood.

"I would have gotten flocked, but I bought anti-flocking insurance!"

"I got flocked!"
by FlamingosAnonymous January 10, 2012
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Flocking : The act of a male driving at extreme speeds on the interstate (90-125 mph), so he can nest up with his girlfriend as quickly as possible, after not seeing her for a few days, since they live in seperate towns/cities. This occurs EVERY weekend (usually on a Friday afternoon after he gets off of work), and can resemble that of a continuous path that a flock of birds would take each year in migration. Hince the word "flocking".

Guy in car getting passed on interstate (said to Girlfriend in driver's side seat) : Did you just see that guy fly by us like that? ....whoa!...where was he going?

Girlfriend : That guy is blinded by the puss....he's flocking so hard that he's "too tough to tame", like Darlington speedway.
by Kam842 October 09, 2007
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when a bunch of people who know each other get together for an event or just to chill..usually like mobsters
da homies came in flocking ready to party
by rich A July 30, 2007
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when someone acts the fool.
"DAMN! that guy is flockin.
dude you need to quit flockin.
when the cops are coming. their flocking.
by pimpwilliams January 14, 2011
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1) The act of seagulling as a group

2) When 3 or more people come to together and seagull a single person in a manner similar to a gangbang

For more information on this word see seagulling
Those guys got wasted and went flocking and ended up flocking like 10 people including that stuck up bitch Cindy
by theOGrapejuice June 12, 2011
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