When you break into a place of residence with the intent to steal stuff.
Originated in Los Angeles.

"like i was flocking, i took his bitch in a heart beat" -Heartbeat by YG 400

"they gave me 6 months in the county cus i got caught flocking" - Fast by YG 400

"my niggaz... flock in the house, hope he come out with the safe" -First Pass by Nipsey Hussle

"Whats flocking? Breaking in homes, B and E, burglary, damn you slow" -Californication by Nipsey Hussle
guy 1: what you gunna later on?
guy 2: nothing, why? watup?
guy 1: i need rent money, you down to go flocking
guy 2: fo sho, hopefully no one is home and we dont get caught.
by mr. pass real fast May 10, 2013
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i went to go flocking with my niggaz and we came up on alot of jewlery
by JayVee A.k.A Jay'Habbit November 3, 2011
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when a bunch of people who know each other get together for an event or just to chill..usually like mobsters
da homies came in flocking ready to party
by rich A July 31, 2007
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when someone acts the fool.
"DAMN! that guy is flockin.
dude you need to quit flockin.
when the cops are coming. their flocking.
by pimpwilliams January 15, 2011
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When one ghetto person comes to a party and then the whole ghetto community finds out about it and ends up going there.
Keller's party was good on Wednesday but there was a lot of flocking on Friday and it sucked.
by smt October 17, 2005
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it mean shooting at someone normally the word is originated from NYC
I ran up on him and let it Flock
by ImSoAnnonymous June 8, 2021
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noun: The LOST television show character without a name, dubbed Flocke. The nome-de-plum comes from the combination of Fake-Locke; as the character currently appears to look like the deceased Locke.

verb: To Flocke someone is to completely destroy them as the "Smoke Monster" does on the television show LOST.
Dude, I'm going to totally Flocke Jamie if he bugs me Wednesday night.
by neoliminal May 23, 2010
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