A Glamorous lady who calls herself a tomboy,but in the hearts of others,she is a beautiful woman who will totally brighten up your day
" Omg!Is that Margot Robbie!I love her!"
by Nattie Pie :p April 22, 2020
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Margot Robbie is one of the most talented actresses of our generation. She is from Australia, so you already know she is genetically blessed. She has big blue beautiful eyes that will make you fell in love instantly. Her lips are made by gods and I'm not lying. She is beautiful inside and out, she is a very caring person and very nice to her fans. As an actress she is just not a pretty face, you can tell by just watching one of her movies. GIRLIE CAN REALLY ACT. But not only this, she owns a production company which is involved in many important projects, she also produces and directs some of the films alongside acting in them. A TALENTED HUMAN BEING

If you decide to stan her, welcome to the bright side. Take a seat and enjoy stanning a talented and not problematic smol bean. You won't regret your choice
Who do you think will won the next Oscar?

Oh, Margot Robbie for sure. She is very talented
by agrnsky September 13, 2017
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Crzay ass, Sexy ass Harley Quinn P.S I want to marry her.
Me: "Darling " Margot Robbie: "Yes Daddy"
by PainTol August 6, 2016
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A very attractive (probably the most attractive women in the world) Australian actress who has starred in many big hit movies such as: Suicide Squad, Focus, The Wolf of Wall Street etc. P.S. If you haven't seen her face before I recommend you to look her up on google images.
Thomas: Wow that girl at 6 o'clock is hot!
Jake: Yeah! But not as hot as Margot Robbie
by You're anus July 11, 2017
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Because Margot Robbie doesn't fit the tine of the movie. That's why.
Hym "Because Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn is a campier version of the character that sayinf things like 'Splooge'. Why would she be in Folie à Deux?"
by Hym Iam March 31, 2023
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"Pause the telly for a minute Agnes. I'm away up the stair for a Margot Robbie"
by effinG123 October 10, 2020
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