The act of messing with someones mind, usually to an extreme.
The last time I mindfucked Peter, he thought he was an heroin addict for three days.
by Raziel April 22, 2003
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Convincing yourself that by over analyzing a situation you can gain control over it when, in reality, it is impossible to control.
He was mind fucking himself trying to figure out what he could do to make her love him.
by chelseachelsea March 28, 2007
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The state of being disoriented or being messed with mentally.
Bill just found out he's adopted.
Dam he must be mind fucked.
by Htown_pollo February 13, 2010
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To experience a situation which calls into question the way your mind currently sees a certain idea or the world in general. Such an experience usually leaves the person stunned/speechless while he/she begins wrapping his/her mind around the new idea.
The movie Vanilla Sky was a total mind fuck. Now I don't even know if I'm actually living my own life. Man, my head hurts from thinking about it!
by Jessica November 29, 2004
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Something that seriously fucks with your brain, such as watching Fight Club every night for a week. Trust me on this.
by Brewdles April 1, 2003
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playing psychological games, messing up somebody's clear thought process to either twist what they were thinking, or have them convinced of something totally different.
"My stomach hurts" said Sally. "You just think your stomach hurts. It doesn't actually hurt, you are just being a baby" said John to Sally. "Oh...wait you are mind-fucking me!" erupted Sally.
by Katahroo August 9, 2009
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to forcibly expose a person to an idea or lesson that leaves he or she, dazed and awestruck, to go through a bout of depression that lasts a variable amount of time in which they question existence, religion, and what they themselves would do in hypothetical situations. Usually the said person will ponder these questions at all hours of the night because they can not sleep and will end up finding only a few answers/revelations. Once of which may include that "if" is the most evil word in the English language. Eventually he or she recovers & usually feels a mixture of a hate & love toward the mind-fucker. Hate for their mental/emotional anguish and love for the perspective they gained and the lesson they learned.
Dude, I totally got mind-fucked by one of Ellen Hopkins books the other day.
by Alanna D'Olau July 16, 2009
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