A person subscribed to the Radio DJ / Youtube Vlogger ShayCarl.
"Did you do the supernote contest?!"

"Yeah, what team were you on?"

"I was a proud Shaytard!"
by Maetastic February 12, 2009
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The concept began in March of 2009, when Shay's viewers were complaining that he wasn't posting videos very often, and Shay began to feel bad. As sort of a "punishment", he decided to post a video everyday for a month, and if he missed a day, he would delete his famous Shaycarl channel. It became a year. Which became just everyday.

Through watching the videos, we learn many things about the Tards. Shay and his wife, nicknamed Katilette (or mommytard) have 4 children. For security reasons, Shay and Katilette do not purposley let out their childrens names, so they are given "tard" names. The oldest child is Sontard who is six, five year old Princesstard, three year old Babytard, and the newest edition, two month old Rocktard. They also have a dog named Malachi.

These videos have become part of many people's daily life, and routine. Many of their videos have delt with serious issues, like when Princesstard realized that someday she was going to die. Or when Rocktard was born. We've seen them all laugh, cry, scream, but what sets them apart from most families is how close they are. They are always laughing and having fun with each other, and they love each other more than anything in the world.
Mike: Yoo, did you see the new Shaytards video?

Carol: No! What happened?

Mike: Sontard fell off his bike and landed on babytard!

Carol: No way! I'll have to watch when I get home!
by aveykins August 22, 2010
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A youtube channel created by Shay Carl. The channel is updated daily with Shay's witty and playful vlogs(video logs) of himself and his family (Mommytard, sontard, princesstard, babytard and rocktard) where he showcases his humor and love for his family.
Man, did you see the latest vlog of the (shaytards)? NO!, well let me tell you, your missing out!
by owlamy January 10, 2011
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It all began in March 2009 when famous Youtube star, Shaycarl decided to post a vlog everyday of his 29th year on his Shaytard channel. Well, a year has now turned into almost 2. The vlogs "star" him and his wife nicknamed Katilette (Mommytard), sons Sontard (7 years), Rocktard (5 Months), daughter Princesstard (5 years) and Babytard (3 years), who was recently featured on the cover of James Blunt's album "Some Kind of Trouble, and dog, Malachi. Shay and Katilette decided to not purposely call their children by their real names because of privacy, but they have slipped out every now and again, to whitch they dont make a big deal of. Shay and his family lived in Los Angles, CA for the bulk of the first year of the vlogs, but moved back to their home in Idaho for the birth of Rocktard, and have decided to stay there while Shay commutes to LA for his work on another Youtube channel, called "The Station". The Shaytards currently have 671,763 subscribers, and rising. The are the 31st alltime most subscribe channel on youtube and the 13th most subscribed comedian channel. Shay came up with "tard" because of his obsession with unitards.
Have you seen the new Shaytards video?

No! Is it good?

Yes! When is it not?

When Shay quits the vlogs

by Iheartclayton November 12, 2010
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A man (shay carl) and his 'hot' wife (colette) and 4 kids (sontard,princesstard,babytard and rocktard) film their day and upload to their youtube channel 'SHAYTARDS'
hey I'm vlogging here
I'm just watching the shaytards
by a shaytards fan December 27, 2011
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A Shaytard marathon is the act of watching numerous hours and videos of the famous YouTube star, "ShayCarl" and his family which he refers to as the "Shaytards". He started making video logs every day in the year 2009 and he still continues today with over 2 million subscribers.
"Dude, why are you so tired?"

"I stayed up all night watching a Shaytard marathon."
by paigeywaigey :) November 10, 2013
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