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Sontard is the oldest child of youtubers Shaycarl and Katilette. He is the older brother of Princesstard, Babytard, and Rocktard. As the eldest child, Sontard is a very loving older bro and looks out for all his younger siblings. He definitely looks up to his father in a lot of ways and will prove to be a great man someday.

Of all things, Sontard definitely knows how to bust some moves. He will break out dancing anytime, anywhere. His specialty is definitely the worm. Sontard is also mad G and loves hip hop. All the girls in his class like him, leading him to wonder "how did I get so handsome?"

Some of his other hobbies include chasing his sister around the house and playing sports. He's probably the buffest, coolest, more awesome 1st grader you'll ever meet.
Person 1: WHOA! Is that Sontard doing the worm dance and being cool and sh**?!

Person 2: Hell yeah, bro!

Sontard: I'll do the worm dance anytime and anywhere I go!
Person: Prove it.
Sontard: *breaks down and does the sickest worm dance in history*
Person: EPIC!
by ilovemypuppyjenna97 August 15, 2011
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