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Owned. The word you utter when you've just been completely rocked.

The word is basically a mix of Shattered & Shitted, meaning you've been shot down or beaten, or just plain fucked over.

The example will help more.
Random Dude: Holy Fuck! My house just burnt down, and i lost my wife and kids in it! Oh my god my life is shitty! i just lost my job and car, and now my house and family!

Bettsy: Shatted....


B Rad: *Playing Battlefield 2* Fuck! i was seconds from locking on that F-18 and some fucker brought me down with an AAV
Dugong: Shatted...
by Bettsy@Tnnm September 01, 2007
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One who has a mania for music.
I am a melomaniac.
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When someone shitted real hard on something.

To OD (overdo it), to kill it
Yo, he has to be the winner of the freestyle competition...he shatted on his verse.

That chick shatted on every other girls' looks that nite. Did you see what she was wearing??

by Juanita4ev November 06, 2005
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a. to have been done wrong upon.
Also: b. alteration to the word shat (past tense to the word shit)
For example, say if one of your buddies comes over and begins to hang out with you for the night with a couple other people, then leaves, with a full drink still left to drink, then you have been shatted.

You have been shatted upon.
by Larry R. Wendel October 24, 2004
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