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Good word for hideous.

Extremley ugly or just plain shit, can be used as an insult or a comment

The original word means tired or gaunt, but has developed into an insult.

1)Describes a person (insult)
2)Describes anything else (comment)
1)Bettsy: Shit....that chick is fucking haggard.
B Rad: True that....

2)Dugong: Oh shit, i just made the most haggard pancakes
Bettsy: Ugh man, wtf....
by Bettsy@Tnnm September 01, 2007

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To be considered one of the best alcoholic beverages to hit stores.

A six pack of Double Blacks will guarantee a great night.

Tastes excellent and goes down easily.You sometimes lose various garments in the ensuing night of blurry double images and meeting with the floor.

Rather cheap comparatively, the Smirnoff Double Black is an excellent choice for a good night.
Dugong: Hah! Remember the time we got nailed off those Smirnoff Double Blacks and went and smashed a heap of shit at the Christian School?

Bettsy: Hah! Yeah man that was sick!

B Rad: Was that the time you taxed that randoms sprinkler and wrapped it around the Jesus Statue?

Dugong & Bettsy: HAHAHAHA! I can't remember......
by Bettsy@Tnnm September 01, 2007

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The type of clothes you wear when you know you're going to get absolutely wasted and possibly lose them or vomit all over them.

Clothes that have grown old and you don't really care about.

(abbr.) EC
B Rad : Yo dudes, there's a Floor-Meeting tonight, you in?
Bettsy: Shit yeah! Extreme Casual right?
B Rad : Right.

Dugong: Got my EC clothes on man. I'm buying!
B Rad : It's on, let me grab my shitty shoes and I'm ready.
by Bettsy@Tnnm September 01, 2007

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When your face meets the floor. Often occurs when you have purchased a carton of Smirnoff Double Blacks.

Also used to subtly imply you're going to get wasted. You would only use this term if there is someone around you don't want to know you're going to get inebriated.
B Rad: Shit man, I skulled that six-pack of Double Blacks and had about eighty floor-meetings.
Bettsy: Shatted


Dugong: (During church) Yo man, wanna come to a Floor-Meeting tonight?
Bettsy: Why not...Casual?
Dugong: Extreme Casual...
by Bettsy@Tnnm September 01, 2007

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Owned. The word you utter when you've just been completely rocked.

The word is basically a mix of Shattered & Shitted, meaning you've been shot down or beaten, or just plain fucked over.

The example will help more.
Random Dude: Holy Fuck! My house just burnt down, and i lost my wife and kids in it! Oh my god my life is shitty! i just lost my job and car, and now my house and family!

Bettsy: Shatted....


B Rad: *Playing Battlefield 2* Fuck! i was seconds from locking on that F-18 and some fucker brought me down with an AAV
Dugong: Shatted...
by Bettsy@Tnnm September 01, 2007

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1)To legally steal. Used among friends to ensure items of value.

Eg: Seats, food, game controls, drinks

2)Exactly like Yoink, or Stolen, except this is fresh.
B Rad: Man this is a good biscuit
*Bettsy steals bisuit and shoves it into his mouth*
Bettsy: Taxed! (Through a mouthful of biscuit)
by Bettsy@Tnnm September 01, 2007

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