Verb: To Shamoo
To unintentionally move something with great force.
A.J. walked into class and knocked over like 4 desks. He be shamooing.

He be shamooing all over town.
by sarcasticjew January 25, 2011
A very - VERY fat person - makes reference to "Shamoo, the wonder whale"
by Anonymous June 23, 2003
A sexual deviance, where in the man comes in a woman's mouth, and the lady then lay's on her back, and then blows the sperm out of her mouth. Meant to simulate the blowhole on Shamoo.
She was a great sport, and after we finished, she gave me a Shamoo show.
by Quagmire_Giggity_oh_yeah January 24, 2009
When you're ready to get intimate with your special someone, but you both have eaten so much that the only position you can both handle in spooning on your side with minimal movement until you're both "satisfied"
Joel: "I'm really down to get busy, but that Thanksgiving dinner is weighing me down"
Taylor: "Me too, why don't we just lie on our sides and shamoo in the dark"
by WiscoWhistler January 29, 2019
“Shamoo” when a person flakes, doesn’t show up, is being lame or messes something up.
Someone who missed a workout:
“you shamooed”
“Don’t be a shamoo
“That was a shamoo”
by Shamoo August 31, 2019
When you suck water into your anus, then you push with force and spray it out into the surrounding area.
When he shamooed me it resembled a whale spraying muddy water out of his blowhole.
by Damidnightpoopa December 30, 2013