A very - VERY fat person - makes reference to "Shamoo, the wonder whale"
by Anonymous June 22, 2003
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Subterrainian Homoerotic Aquatic Midget Obese Obsenity.

This is a very appaling term to use on anyone...
Some people say that Travis is S.H.A.M.O.O...I don't know if I believe it though.
by Argonak April 18, 2008
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A sexual deviance, where in the man comes in a woman's mouth, and the lady then lay's on her back, and then blows the sperm out of her mouth. Meant to simulate the blowhole on Shamoo.
She was a great sport, and after we finished, she gave me a Shamoo show.
by Quagmire_Giggity_oh_yeah January 24, 2009
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When you suck water into your anus, then you push with force and spray it out into the surrounding area.
When he shamooed me it resembled a whale spraying muddy water out of his blowhole.
by Damidnightpoopa December 30, 2012
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A large obese boy/girl who resembles a person with down syndrome. They tends to think

of retarded nicknames for themselves in shape of odd intangible things. Also another easy way to

spot a Shamoo is to tell a funny joke, if he responds with laughter then he

might just be a fat ass, but if he looks into your eyes and rubs his johnson

vigorously you might have a Shamoo in the midst.This name can be given to any

one that meets the criteria, but is in best use if the names sound similar.
"What is that creature lurking in the mist" "Oh that's just Shamoo Schaller"
by unknown tootsie January 07, 2010
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