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A shalesah is someone who must nap all day and party all night, must be a heavy drinker/smoker and make badass Instagram videos that are awesome. Typically on the short side with B1 hair very top heavy, might fall over. Loves her friends and her money. Very sarcastic for unnecessary reasons that she can’t explain. Loves to see people laugh and stress free.

She is very funny and dramatic from time to time, she loves to keep people guessing and on their toes. Can get on a lot of people’s nerves but she doesn’t care. She can read people very well and gives great advice when she wants to. She supports the ones she love, and loves to see her people thrive. Talks to all but only hangs with a few, very anti social when she wants to be it just depends on the moment.

Is destined to be great in the near future. Loves her family and wants nothing more than to provide and take care of her mother.
Man, Shalesah is a legend , she pretty much runs this shit.
by Hallof_laughter July 23, 2018
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