When a chick is juicy in all the right places, a lovely figure
Bro 1: Damn brotein shake look at that chick
Bro 2: Damn brorack brobama she's thick as fuck
by bigballerzbrand February 27, 2018
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tongue in cheek insult to someobody of a lesser wit
what d'ya do that for, ya thick fuck?
by Emperor Xist February 1, 2006
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A psychic -thick-fuck is someone just like myself who does nothing when something that could be predicted but wasn't.....e.g. I saw a cup teetering on the edge of the table and didn't do owt except watch it fall!
See above....I Lynne's glass was going to fall but I let it anyway but. That's my psychic thick fuck
by Chizzers April 30, 2022
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