The word "texting" came into being when people began sending brief text messages to each other over mobile phones. The variation "sexting" began when young boys and girls started flirting by sending "sexy text messages" back and forth to each other.

For example:
David and I have been sexting each other all week! I'm so horny I can't wait to see him on Saturday night.
by Jiriku Balaco July 14, 2011
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John was sexting with joan instead of having phone sex
by Geordy B October 15, 2007
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texting in a sexy fashion. also flirting through text messages.
who are you sexting now?
by bill slowsky August 05, 2007
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it isn’t sex, it’s the next best thing
sexting (whoa)
it isn’t sex, it’s the next best thing
by charlieissoswag June 20, 2021
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this is when two people are having phone sex on there phones using text messages
they were sitting across from one another at the bar not realizing that they were sexting with one another...you can only guess what happened when they found out.
by nicecarguy October 13, 2007
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Sexting is much more than just sending naked or provocative pictures to each other (conversation, pictures, etc.). Sexting is a way of exploring one's sexuality and requires trust between two or more people. Sexting also must be consensual and fun, no one wants unsolicited dick pics! Exploitation of one involved in sexting is unacceptable because this is an act happening in private and one's sexual experiences and life should not be judged or intruded upon. There is no stereotype for people that sext; it's not just "young, stupid girls looking for attention", it is based on sexual preference and what one is comfortable with.
Person 1: I heard Sally and Sam have been sexting. Don't you think Sally is so gross?
Person 2: That's none of our business. And if that's what Sally and Sam like, we have no place to judge them.

Person 1: *sends unsolicited picture* Do you wanna sext? Send pics
Person 2: I'm not interested in sexting, it's not really my thing. You should ask because sending pictures.
by feminists123 May 06, 2019
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Remember the guy I met last weekend who I gave my number to? Well we've been sexting ever since!
by Grace Fitz May 17, 2007
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