A non-physical form of pregame sex, which includes dirty talk between horny ass partners.
a friend says: Why u smilin hard brah?

you say: Dis chick was sexting me n she wants to suck my dick.
by Izzo aka Iz I April 18, 2008
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a word that the media made up after some Greensburg Salem school district's principals invaded the students privacy by taking their phone and then felt the need to go through the students messages and then reported it to the police.
i bet our principals feel like badasses now since they got their school on the news for "sexting", when teenagers don't even call it that.
by C523BB January 28, 2009
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the play-by-play of everything lovelost teenagers dream about but are too self contious to physically do them to anyone but them selves. IT GOES IN AND IT GOES OUT
" so I was sexting suzy the other day and she totally had an orgasm, she texted me five exclamation marks in a row! "
by TAKEAPICTURE June 10, 2009
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What people do when there online dating and become horney mostly on discord
Girl "hi I've been doing a lot of sexting lately'
Boy "hoe"
by kidsaretasty September 10, 2020
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