Authorities that will arrest you for wearing the wrong thing.
We don't joke about the fashion police in Iran
by kalvinb March 12, 2008
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People who make excessive snide remarks about ones' choice of hyper-trendy clothing - especially if it was "yesterday's fashion".
Martha got chewed out by her fashion police friend when she decided to wear the tiger print bodysuit with the black slacks.
by ke6isf May 26, 2004
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People who are so conceited and judgemental, their brain cells have decayed immensely.

Wonder around insulting people because they are independent in their clothing.
Fashion Police:''Like oh my god, that top is like so yesterday''.

Person with a fully-functional brain: ''If I wanted any fashions tips, i would at least try someone with a shred of any form of sophistication.
by BadLieutenant September 4, 2004
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Usually a teenaged female who has no life outside of shopping at Abercrombie and telling people that their clothes are out of style. Also see prep
(sound of high-heeled boots in the hallway)
Person 1) "Oh damn, its the fashion police!"
Person 2) "Quick put on your A&F jackets and make sure your collar is popped."
by Andrew Dundas April 8, 2006
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