someone who is characterized by being overly intelligent but not knowing how to put it to use in the real world. usually very hyper. cooler than youll ever be.
Look at that Kristyn spasmodically mixing paint!!
by falalalalalalalala April 9, 2009
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The most beautiful girl you will ever meet.
Kristyn is very sweet and kind, but lashes out when attacked or accused of something.
Kristyn is kind hearted and will always be there for you when you need her.
Kristyn is an awesome person.
Kristyn enjoys listening to rap music and hip hop, AKA blackpeople music.
She is very aggressive and will FUCK YOU UP.
Kristyn bought me lunch today because I had no money, she's so sweet.
by That one Guy March 7, 2012
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Someone that’s kinda and super cool to text.
Kristyn is awesome.
by Dipolopolis March 12, 2023
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The name of a girl that I really like but will not ever get with because I’m a super loser
Me: Have you seen Kristyn she’s so pretty and her hair is so amazing and I absolutely adore her
Also me: I’m a loser she will never like me :(
by Spider-queer June 4, 2020
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A really great person who likes chickens a lot
That’s my friend Kristyn
by Dipolopolis March 14, 2023
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A girl/woman who is usually VERY unstable, crazy, delusion & tends to be a stalker. She will burn your clothes in the front yard & key your car. She is usually the sloppy drunk girl at parties & ends up puking on herself or hooking up with every guy there. Because of her many sexual partners, she probably has a rather loose & sloppy vagina. She's a major follower & a basic bitch.
That crazy bitch Kristyn is at it again, I heard that she hooked up with everyone at the party last night & then trashed her ex boyfriends car. That bitch is bat shit crazy
by NotaBasicBitch December 18, 2014
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A great girl. Sometimes Asian. She is kind, wonderful, and beautiful!! She is the nicest person you will ever meet. Her brown/black hair, dark brown eyes. She is sensitive to jokes so don't joke around too much with her!!!
Friend 1: I met the nicest person ever !!! She Asian!
Friend 2: Ooh she sounds like a wonderful person!! Is she Kristyne?
by Jeffgodeewaterdos21 October 31, 2017
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