The most awesomest techni-rock band in history. They were created in Tampa, Florida and are known for their hit songs Fashion Police, Sexified Eroticness, Alaskan Pipeline, and Popped Collar Kid. Their new album, The Sounds Of Sexified Eroticness is dropping in August of 2005.
1.Holy Shit! The lead singer of the Sexifiers is so hot!

2.Hey guess what? The SexiFiers are coming to town.
by #1 SexiFiers Fan April 19, 2005
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The SexiFiers are:
4)The Best Ever
6)A techni-rock band from Tampa
7)Mark Stern- Vocals, Guitar
8)David Gewandter- Vocals
9)John Ciotti- Bass, Guitar
10)Tom Albrechta- Drums

The SexiFiers are not:
3)Not Awesome
4)Not Sexy
5)Not Hot
6)Not Pimps
1)The SexiFiers are freaking awesome!!

2)The SexiFiers are not not freaking Awesome!!!
by #1 SexiFiers fan April 25, 2005
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verb- to make something or someone sexy.
Wearing a formal uniform will sexify a man.

"You need a makeover. Try an Army uniform to sexify your look."
by Anna "Mags" Tasker May 01, 2008
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Something that is making a person appear sexy. Applies to either a piece of clothing, one's appearance or attitude.
Stephani is lookin' sexified!
"Whoa, Kristyn, you gonna get sexified tonight!"
by Kristyn June 09, 2004
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The act of being sexy. Making oneself sexy.
Karen: Cole did you just get out of the shower?
Cole: Yeah, My hair is all wet.
Karen: Damn your hair is sexified.
by 13 March 26, 2003
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the preparation of making oneself desirable for sex
In order to sexify herself, Zoe bought lingerie.
by ErickaB January 06, 2008
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