1. where garbage goes
2. where poor people live if they haven't signed up for welfare or live in the projects
Billy 'moonshine' Bob: hey thea mista hobo get on up out of ma sewa ya hea before i go an get my ol'shotty
by PlayDohMan May 11, 2004
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a terrible mess. or gross person.
This guy is a sewer
or what is this sewer doing.
by patrick smith September 27, 2005
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A dirty asshole where every guy throws their 'junk' into.
Dude 1: "hey have you visited the Slut's Sewer?
by the man under the bridge June 01, 2011
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Less classy term for someone who makes clothes.
"I want to be a sewer when I grow up" said the little fashionista.
by summdawg millionaire November 09, 2009
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a billiards term. Refers to any occassion when a player scratches by sinking the white ball

alternate tenses: sewered, sewering
James: I can't believe I sewered on the black ball!

Jenna: clearly you aren't very good at pool
by YSECBayley December 12, 2011
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