The alternate to "seamen" , which is a fag that drives a single barge in the middle of the ocean selling pussy smelling fish.
Hey semin, make sure you're barge is tied off and you don't float off in the middle of the ocean for weeks and have to drink your own piss!
by 💦ON YOUR FACE October 23, 2018
God damn Brandon, after that bukakke party I've realized that you are BEYOND seminated!
by jetsnipe11 May 26, 2016
1) Of or relating to semen.
2) A buncha crazy indians.
1) Dude, your mom was seminal in suckin' deeez nuuutz.
2) Man...look at those seminals. What a buncha seminal assholes.
by Tommy Wommy Womsters September 16, 2003
it's more so characterized as a poor decision at the time of needed good decision. for example, too fancy of puck handling, a bad penalty taken at an unnecessary time, an obsession for the great 8, and the sometimes occasional decent goal.. but general inconsistency.
You've been semined.
by CAPSGIRLSHELL April 12, 2011
To spread ones semin on, in, or around any body part of an opposite or same sex.

A Facial.

Any form of spreading semin.
Hey James I just seminated all over Gene's chest.

I usually seminate on my couch.
by Wrathgar Lord of Panties May 15, 2006
A woman who is a little bit too fond of giving oral sex.
Stephanie is a seminal receptor
by LaDeena June 4, 2006