7 definitions by Andrew Kirkman

A term meaning either:
1. Hurry up
2. Your an eedjit

Also a random joining of words to produce a comic phrase.
Used in the same place as previously chants of "Why are we waiting would be used"
by Andrew Kirkman January 13, 2006
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a term used to refer to someone, usually in neither a good nor bad way. True definition is a person who has commited an act that is not understandable to the vast majority of people.
What was that for, you big Hujimifluke.
by Andrew Kirkman January 9, 2006
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term referring to how great something that has happened or when something good has been achieved or just when you want to say it i.e DANCER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. See also gego
most common usage as single word / exclamation "Dancer"
"Whats for tea?" "Macaroni and cheese" "Dancer!"
by Andrew Kirkman January 12, 2006
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To talk unendingly, with no point to your conversation about totally idiotic things. Spamming on chat rooms is a case of waffling.
"You waffle something awful"
"What are you waffling about?"
by Andrew Kirkman January 12, 2006
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A Brilliant book written by terry pratchet, the Lord of Comedy whome we should all fall before and worship. Also a movie released in 2006, which is completelyunrelated to the novel of the same name.
Terry Pratcher, we are not worthy..... *Falls to knees*
"Night Watch is a great book"
This Night, watch Night Watch
by Andrew Kirkman February 1, 2006
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A term of happiness at an act, or a statement referring to the inherent coolness of an object, person or act.
"Gego" shouted Dek, as he found money he never knew he had.

That coat is Gego!!!!
by Andrew Kirkman January 9, 2006
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