What happens when everything goes black and then you wake up near some random people (remember stranger, danger).
1st) So I had a seizure.
2nd) Then what?

1st) Idk what happened, dumbass.
by Finalpoet June 9, 2018
It is the attack of illness that has taken the life of a forever legend. He went by Juice wrld.
1st) So I heard the legend had a seizure.
by WhatchaKnowAboutIt December 9, 2019
Roman emperor.

Used in place of the word Caesar due to people's inability to pronounce.

Julius Seizure proclaimed 'I came, I saw, I conquered!! '
by ZCMC March 11, 2009
When you see a flashing light and you're all like kfnsldjmthjfiremdhiufg,tufdhmyurtmfi, flopping on the floor uncontrollably like afish but it only happens to some people
Person 1: gyroudmhurfdumgrt
Person 2: Shit, they're having a seizure.
by Charuzu May 19, 2019
When your games consoles: such as your xbox 1 or xbox360, your playstation 3 or playstation 4, your TV, your computer, or any other household appliance starts acting up or displaying signs of extreme malfunction. It is sometimes emphasised or exclamed by the person who's appliance is experiencing it.
Player 1, "Oh my god man! My xbox 360 controller is vibrating weirdly and I can't stop it."
Player 2, "How long has it been going for?"
Player 1, "About 5 minutes."
Player 2, "Oh yeah! I see what you mean. Wow! That is weird."
Player 1, "Seizure!!!!!"
by Overdrive2005 August 8, 2014
1) Satan saying this when if his son is ruler of all world. 2) What does Satan say when he taking all Earth villages.
All Your Base Are Belong To Seizure
by Seizure March 8, 2003