When annoying or self-righteous nerds rage on internet message boards about some arbitrary way they've been slighted or inconvenienced somehow, for both legitimate and trivial concerns. Commonly phrased as "Seethe more, ____-(deragatory)." Often used in regards to videogames, social commentary, and politics. Used as a form of ridicule to fluster or frustrate someone who is already irate, mockingly inviting them to further perpetuate expressing their dissatisfaction online.
"My rent is nearly $3000, this is totally unsustainable to live." "Keep seething, cityf**."

"Using STR builds in pvp takes no skill since you only need to land a few hits to kill your opponent, it's a crutch." "Seethe more, DEXf**!"
by ratquasedea March 17, 2020
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In terms of liquids, seethe means to bubble up as a result of being boiled.

In terms of people, seethe means to be filled with intense and often unexpressed anger.
I seethe at the fact that this miserable piece of shit still draws breath after everything he’s done!
by Kewig95 January 13, 2018
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Used to quickly shutdown an already concluded argument, usually used in conjunction with " cope " after making your point in opposition to what someone else stated, thus effectively pissing then off, but not necessarily.

A play on the actual word, which is to say someone or something is steaming hot.
Angry Poster: wtf you can't say that! Fuck you bitch!! I'll kill you for insulting my idol!!!

Troll: lol seeth and cope lol
by Hoxhaist July 06, 2021
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A guy that is a total dick and is very bipolar.
"Did you see her boyfriend? He's such a Seeth.
by Banxshee November 16, 2015
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"these types of conversations make me seethe with rage."
"it's a thing."
by JustCyanideKiwi June 29, 2021
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A state of mind entered, where a person reacts with a seething rage to all external stimuli, brought on by ill fortune or most often by an argument the person is losing. Symptoms include eyes closing over, reddening of the face, loss of rational thought and the increase in vocal volume coupled with an inability to speak coherently. Alcohol is often, but not always, a contributing factor to seethe mode.
David: see Scott over there, waving his arms about arguing with Mark?
Julian: yeah, he's definitely entered seethe mode
by Seedsman May 10, 2012
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Something people with neovaginas do.
My god, did you see the size of the neovagina on that thing? Guess that's what happens when they seethe and dilate so much.
by Unipolster July 02, 2021
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