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humorous misspelling of "erection" that got memed into a real thing as a joke, but it's no longer funny. People try very hard to rise up to the top, then whoever wins at these "dick measuring contests" will usually screw us over and make a mess. Some weirdos like to watch them come and win
this election is painful to watch, these dickheads are really overcompensating with their absurd promises of growth, as if they'll be able to deliver
by cheese toastie with pickles October 4, 2021
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a post that slaps
could be a based take or just content that's cool in some way
I've never seen Mac post cringe, mf only makes hard posts
by cheese toastie with pickles October 5, 2021
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Movements that advocate for countering the effects of settler-colonialism through returning some land to indigenous peoples and giving them autonomy or independence, and bringing back to life the elements of their cultures that were suppressed during colonization. It is intended to give them the right to self-determination that was revoked during colonization and continues to be revoked in their modern nation-states
Contrary to what some people say, decolonization is not about "sending the whites back to Europe" which is not realistic because European-descended peoples are a majority in most former settler-colonies and a very large minority in others. But it would involve land reform that redistributes some land to indigenous peoples, with the option to become independent or autonomous territories to regain the self-rule that they once had, and properly revive their cultures, instead of having the norms and language and political systems of their colonizers forced upon them for eternity
by cheese toastie with pickles November 25, 2021
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1. the word
2. advanced government surveillance drones that are used to spy on us and use various behavioral tactics to keep us in line. What most people believe to be "birds" are not real
All the real birds died in 1986 due to Reagan killing them, and replacing them with spies that are now watching us. The birds work for the bourgeoisie
by cheese toastie with pickles October 5, 2021
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someone who worships vaush as an infallible genius and dismisses any nonsense he says as "out of context"
average vaushoid: "what you don't like vaush? wow cope seethe literally malding vaush derangement syndrome bad optics you liberal wokescold tankie fascist you're destroying the left touch grass please vote Democrat for the revolution trust me bro it will work"
by cheese toastie with pickles November 25, 2021
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succoid is derived from "succdem" the mocking spelling of "socdem" which is short for "social democracy"
by cheese toastie with pickles August 1, 2023
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