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When you finish taking a shit and then you suddenly have to shit again.
I was on my way out the door when the Second Wave hit me.
by GuyNamedTy March 19, 2016
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I've been jabbed
by Francesco II March 20, 2021
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n. Mysterious viral force that will kill us all.

Yeah, we have successfully flattened the curve. But the second wave is coming soon. Very soon.
by gnostic3 May 21, 2020
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Where after a night of crazy ass drinking, not only does the consumer experience one hangover... But two. This happens when hangover treatments wear off and then the user experiences a "second" wave. Usually in the early afternoon.
"Man I have to rally soon or my second wave is going to hit really hard"
by Lurkertyme July 30, 2015
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The first wave sounded original, but once the media starts calling it the second, third, and fourth, they start sounding like imbeciles. No wonder there's suddenly a bunch of new mutations on the virus, since calling it the first wave still would lose the shock effect the media was originally going for.
The media will most likely have aomething new in store for the third wave, just like they did the second wave.
by Solid Mantis February 05, 2021
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happens during a pandemic where the second wave is usually deadlier than the first wave
are you getting ready for the second wave

don’t remind me
by 1Shot Duke September 25, 2020
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