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Veganism is the ideas and underlying principles and beliefs as to why a person inevitably adopts a vegan diet. 'Vegan' only defines the type of diet.

Veganism has a commonality in principles, but is not exclusive, nor limited to the following;

Ethical - enabling animals to have rights to prevent torture, rape and murder of all sentient beings.

Environmental Sustainability - The impact animal production has on world. Ref. United Nations Report '07: Livestock’s long shadow.

Health - Global Famine, The shortening of life spans, and obesity ~ mainly heart related illnesses. Animal born Diseases, Athleticism.

People adopt some, the whole or no beliefs, yet are still vegans. The main point is that whatever path we have taken; it was a strong enough conviction to adopt a vegan lifestyle.
Q: How could you be a vegan, yet not believe in veganism?
A: Simple, by adopting the diet, yet rejecting the principles.
by Joshua Langley May 01, 2007
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Veganism is the belief that one should not eat any animal products. Many vegans are so because of dietary reasons, although not as many people are vegans for health reasons as there are health vegetarians. A large principle for most vegans is a respect for all life on Earth, not just human life. With the current treatment of animals and humans on big company farms, many vegans believe that it is irresponsible to support that. Even on small "mom and pop" farms who try to be kind to their animals, the simple fact remains that in order to make any kind of profit the animals must be exploited. Previous health concerns have mostly been negated, such as the lack of vitamin B12 in vegan diets. Vitimin B12 comes from a bacteria found on both plants and dead animals, but is generally washed away on plants. So, consuming a B12 supplement does not necessitate eating animal products. Veganism has been criticized for a multitude of reasons, but generally if someone has a problem with them it is either out of fear of change or because of a lack of understanding.
After learning more about Pacifism, Gary decided that he could not in good conscience use animal products, he had to become Vegan and that's how he got started on Veganism.
by Pretentious Vegan Jerk October 04, 2008
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vegan comes from the word vegitarian.
a person who is vegan is someone who does not eat meat, dairy products, or eggs. vegans also do not wear clothes made from animal products. veganism can be more healthy then eating meat. 33% of teens are obese. 2% of vegans are obese. animal products are loaded with chemicals, fats, and byproducts that your body cant use and does not need.
I am vegan because i dont think that animals should have to die for my tastebuds.
by shesvegan May 20, 2004
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A diet and/or lifestyle that promotes not using any animal products or byproducts.

The vegan diet and lifestyle are both impossible to follow to the fullest, so most vegans tend to stop when it becomes inconvenient. For example, animal products are used to vulcanize rubber and process steel. So a true vegan would be forced to shun most anything found in an industrialized nation, notably things such as cars, buses, airplanes and bicycles. Also, the vegan diet does not and cannot supply vitamin B12, as this essential vitamin only comes from meat and dairy. So a vegan must either take vitamin supplements, (which one way or another come from an animal) give up the diet altogether, or face B12 deficiency; which can cause brain damage.

Generally, vegans tend to ignore such glaring contractions and problems, preaching that they are the moral elite; even if they happen to be wearing leather shoes.
Veganism may be well intentioned, but it's undeniably flawed.
by May 22, 2008
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What the hell does veganism and a desert island have to do with each other? I dont know, you asked me.
idiot: what if you were stranded on a desert island and there was only a bunch of cows...

all though not all people are like this

non vegan: are you a vegan?
Vegan: yeah
non vegan: thats good stuff man (i have had that said to me before)

apparently im a self righteous arsehole because of a decision i make. what if i wasnt a vegan but just happened to have not eaten meat for ages? Am i still cool? or do i lose to a technicality?

i personally dont think vegans are denying the course of nature, but i think that we believe that we as humans have the power to do things never before accomplished that could some day better this god forsaken world, and it starts with doing our best to try to end any oppression to all living beings. Some people travel the world to rally protests, and some just choose to abstain from anything in which cruelty has been involved, for the benefit of human and non human beings alike. (I personally try to avoid sweatshop produced clothing for example). And many feel the need to bash us for this? I dont get why? I used to think vegetarians we're ridiculous, but never felt the need to bash them because they were 'brainwashed'. I used to believe in the superiority of human beings, but hypocritically would look back thousands of years for examples on how to live life. People use the nutrition myth as an excuse to tingle our tastebuds, to give in to instant gratification. People argue that our bodies are designed for eating meat.

i have never known athiests to be so religious.

we werent designed by anyone.

veganism is a choice that pisses alot of people off. its funny hahaha. if we were succesful in ending all suffering to animals around the world, people in general would be very angry at us for taking away their meat. for stealing what they loved and what was "theirs", we have no right to take that away from them. yet they dont seem to realise that what they take away from the animals "their lives" imagine how they must feel. they know exactly what is going to happen to them, when they see countless amounts of other animals of the same species being electrocuted and torn apart. Yes they do have feelings, they need them in order to survive, and they do not run on instinct alone. how could anyone be that mindlessly brutal to another living being is beyond me.

ok i better get back to enjoying and extra 7 years of life compared to the average human being and ill see you later

alright ill just shut up now ha ha ha.
by Nigel bunson archanine September 13, 2008
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The state in which someone deprives their self of anything that tastes good in an attempt to save an animal that is already dead.
The vegan wouldn't eat the cake, cookies, or brownies because it was exploiting the chicken that gave the eggs.

The vegan had to be hospitalized when they became stranded on a desert island and would only eat the microscopic supply of celery in their pocket. Stupid veganism....

by Yawwwwwwwnn November 13, 2006
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Vegan ism, is the practice in which you reject the horrors of the slaughterhouse, and the unjust/vile conditions of the factory farms, chicken coops...ext.

this is also known as living cruelty free.

Many vegans find themselves "slipping", or unintentionally ingesting animal products every once in awhile. This is due to them trusting the wrong people, not reading food labels, or not doing proper research.

Veganism isn't just based on diet. Veganism covers your diet, your clothing, your jewlery, your shoes, and your hygene items...and your own mind.

This is an extremely controversial topic, since there is such a widespread range of morals, and possible mindsets.
many people may construe what cruelty free living consists of.
friend)-"hey man, why don't you buy me those horn plugs?"
vegan)-"nah dude, those are fucking horns, that's super sketchy!"

fret dude)-"hey want some fucking milk, faggot?"
vegan)-"I'm going to fucking kill you, I practice veganism because I love the animal kingdom...
Listen to the band chokehold, you fucking dick."

"I was with my boyfriend the other night, and I must say, vegans have way better tasting cum. I love veganism"

"I was at the zoo, and I must admit, the way they treat those animals is gross, I wish everyone lived cruelty free."

"Being someone who practices veganism, I oppose circuses, puppy mills, aquariums, deforestation from loggers, slaughtering, speciesism/racism/sexism, and the human race immensely."

"removed from the cruelty, I'm afraid I'll be living in exile for the rest of my days."
by snaggletoothnigga November 26, 2009
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