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A Punk Rock band from Goleta, CA formed in the early 90's. The first band signed to the infamous Fat Wreck Chords (aside from NOFX, of course). Since their inception, Lagwagon have released 7 full lengths, 4 Splits/EP's, a Live Album, and a record full of B-sides. The Laggers are currently working on an 8th full length to be released in '08. Should be bitchin'. Anyways, Lagwagon are credited for breakneck drumbeats, dual guitar riffs, and Joey Cape's signature vocals and lyrics. Their overall sound is sorta NOFXish, some would say, but that doesn't really justify it. Joey Cape (lead vox) credits Jawbreaker as a key influence on his songwriting, and it shows, Joey's lyrics deal mostly with his own personal politics, memories, and relationships, often with humor, though Lagwagon's trademark silliness is much less prominent in their more recent work.

Lagwagon show no signs of leaving Fat Wreck Chords, or breaking up, they have forged thorough a small hiatus, relentless touring schedule, and the death of former drummer, Derrick Plourde, RIP.
"I love Lagwagon, just can't get enough of that Joey Cape and his fellow laggers. Lagwagon Straight-up define what real Pop-Punk should sound like...goddamn I miss the 90's!"

"Duh! is my favorite record by them by far, it's funny, fast, angry, and classic! Just awesome."
by Passsick November 03, 2007
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A punk rock band from Southern Califronia that maintains a strong melody and intellectual lyrics while still having a fat, fast, rock and roll sound. Kinda like the bastard son of NOFX and early Green Day, with the solid writing of Joey Cape.Formed in 1990 they have 7 albums on Fat Records, including the first ever release, Duh, in 1992.
Lagwagon is one of the last great underground punk bands, before everything went to shit after the 90's.
by Steve-o May 06, 2005
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When a friend is lagging it and holding up the rest of the group.
Friend 1: Whats taking "friends name here" so long?

Friend 2: Im not sure, but he needs to hurry up and get off the lag wagon.
by MostdopeJoe November 07, 2011
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