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A GoAnimate Brand, online animation software, and a website where most people make flash-based cartoons l, accessing to the Legacy Video Maker by using the "requestly" extension software to revive removed themes, to constantly animating bullshit repetitive and unoriginal videos that contains reusable plots and ideas, due to them children having lack of intelligence, creativity and originality, that they disguise plagiarism as inspiration, which's of course really saddening of how they couldn't come up with an expressive ideas...
Vyond was formerly known as GoAnimate back then...
GoAnimate brand name was changed to Vyond because they wanted to make their animation software more like a business-marketing website.
by VictorValencia March 29, 2020
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AKA go animate. An animating website where you can make animated videos. It's main purpose is for educational stuff and tutorials, but random people make Dora or Caillou or Rosie or other people get grounded videos. Sometimes the videos can be really funny. People mainly use the business friendly or comedy world styles. Comedy world however died in December 2019/January 2020, but people found a way to be able to still use it.
Yo I am going to make another Dora gets grounded video with Vyond.
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by Avocado2004 March 09, 2021
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