Rugby term, slang

A forward, usually tight forward who drifts too wide, and plays half the game at second-five. Of no use to the forward pack as a whole. Usually the domain of arrogant pricks who want to make the highlight reels.

See Showpony
Jason Eaton's a skillful guy, but he's fuckin seagull. Play tighter you girl's blouse.
by Andy 79 May 30, 2006
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Seagull: White bird, usually seen near landfills or beaches.
Oh you mother fucker seagull. You just crapped all over my fucking jacket. Fuck you, you flying rat.
by Dan December 02, 2004
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When your having sex at the beach and you pullout real quick stick your dick in the sand and stick it back in then the lady your shagging makes the sound of a seagull
The seagull by annonomus
Man:*pulls dick out of pussy and rolls it in sand sticks it back in the pussy*
Woman: awh awh awh
by Yaboi69lova September 28, 2017
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to drive by on the beach and 'chuck' sperm from your hand into the face of an innocent passer by, the passer by has been seagulled
by redvynal July 17, 2003
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Excessive annoying nagging from your girlfriend; The behavior exibited when a woman, in most cases your girlfriend, gets upset with you and screeches at you non-stop for the duraton of her fit, or more than 5 minutes; the tone of voice a woman has when she is nagging at a man.
Man, I'll call you back Im getting seagulls on the other line.

Dude, I got seagulls up the ass last night for not calling my girlfriend back.
by Carlos R. Gomez V. June 02, 2004
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slang word for cocaine
"cah cah" is the sound a seagull makes and is used as a shortened form of the word cocaine
"Hey man, I hear there's a lot of seagull around."
by Angelinnnnna August 15, 2007
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A bird that smells like trash and shit, steals your food, shits on you, is extremely noisy, and eats poor defenseless baby sea turtles. They're nothing more than flying Donald Trumps. They're usually found near bodies of water and in dumps. The best way to get rid of them is to throw rocks at them and holler curse words.
Man, seagulls are fucking pieces of shit. Friggin' flying rats.
by Bloodthirsty Vampire December 15, 2017
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