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A: Excuse me, but your smoke is going all over us.
B: Tough shit, fuckface.
by sajux March 02, 2015
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Person 1: Damit, I failed this test, my parents will beat me

Person 2: Tough shit
by DeathBunny April 05, 2004
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a way to describe an incident or occurence in life as troublesome, or in many cases, to express a generally fucked up state of living.

imagine the literal "tough shit", it's like a real burning case of the squirts, only as a metaphor for life. most commonly emphasized sarcastically, as to mock the seriousness of the situation.
Bob: I haven't slept in days, there's a terrible rash on my crotch, my car got impounded, some other guy is fucking my girlfriend, and I just lost my job.

Jane: Tough shit man.
by Rham March 18, 2008
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