A really gross person who needs to take a shower.
Also a liar and cheater.
Bryan McGuigan is a scumbag to the extreme.
by REALCLUTCHH May 03, 2009
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Dublin equivalent of chav and spide. Usualy deals drugs and impregnates underage Girls.
She's 14 ye balydin Scumbag!
by Desigol November 19, 2004
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A scum bag is a used condom or rubber.

The term itself is more often used to describe an individual who has a worth of equal or lesser value to a scum bag in the opinion of the one using the term.
Ewww... our hotel room has scum bags under the covers!!!

Which one of you scumbags took the last piece of pie!

That scumbag cut me off!

How not to use it: O Granny, you're such a scumbag.
by wobblyheadeddann April 13, 2006
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Someone who is so disgusting you cant even handle it. A dirty person. Someone who is a liar, cheater and or a theif
Josh has had so many STDs, what a scumbag!
by Charlie_the_unicorn May 09, 2015
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someone who is extrememly dirty and the biggest dirtball in your school
Ian Lotz is the biggest scumbag in the world!
by scummyruss April 07, 2011
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A person with the judgement, characteristics and decision making as Donald Trump.
Your hands are small you orange faced scumbag.
by JasDDD December 01, 2017
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