A game where someone names a street corner of a city and people have to name a business on that corner.
Person 1: Lets play street corners

Person 2: Ok

Person 1 (in St. Louis): Grand and Washington

Person 2: Fox Theatre
by OOSkelly January 15, 2010
To be left waiting for a cab, bus or other means of transportation (Also applies to a infinite number of reasons) for an excessive amount of time at a street corner or end of drive way .
Jill got street cornered outside the pub last night, she probably should've got in with us .
by Velocian November 5, 2007
A Game Of Craps Consisting Of Shooting Seven Eleven's In Back Of The Hood Corner Store Bodega
t.j.: Yo L, Round Up Da Homies, You Know What Time It Is?

L: Yea Ma Dude, 11:00, Time 4 Street Corner Crapps
by Joey Richie January 2, 2009
the act of giving someone head whilst simultaneously fingering their asshole
yo bro i gave andrew the new york street corner special”
by maxxi September 3, 2022