The clogs that form in drains in college dorms from excessive shower masturbation by the residents.
The janitor left a passive aggressive note on the wall asking people not to yank it in the showers because he was tired of cleaning up the Ajit Pai every week.
by llahlahkje November 22, 2017
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Short for "A Jizz Pie", commonly used for when a man fucks an entire nation in the ass, then proceeds to eat out the semen he has just deposited.
"Man, my ass is sore"
"Mine too. That was a real Ajit Pai!"
by El Rake November 30, 2017
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Not only did the last cocknose that used the bathroom shitter leave ghost cheeks, his hairy ass left Ajit Pai all over the seat as well.
by Velvet McJones December 15, 2017
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The mixture of semen, lube, and excrement left on the penis after anal sex.
My first time trying anal was great, but the Ajit Pai made me dry heave.
by FederalCuckCommision August 7, 2018
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A useless windbag whose face is only the second most punchable next to Jay Leno.
If it weren't for Jay Leno's chin, Ajit Pai would have history's most punchable face.
by @themoreyouknow January 11, 2018
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The result of a sexual act which includes defecating into a womans vagina so that you may later dine on your own feces from it.
FCC Cuckold Sex Party Invitee #1: "Did you see Brian L. Roberts give Rhonda an Ajit Pai and then ravenously eat her out?"

FCC Cuckold Sex Party Invitee #2: "Oh ya, her vagina was more full of shit than that asshole that is Chairman of the FCC."
by ret_ June 1, 2017
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A cunt who's trying to fuck up the internet
Ajit Pai is a cunt.
by JoshiePoo69420 December 22, 2017
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