A Quagmire-esque pledge who thinks he can get with hot girls but settles for unsavory women. Also uses the phrases "niiice" "giggity giggity" and "i want a pistol up my ass"
"Why isn't Joey B. doing his duty Raf?"
"He's over there talking to that babe,..kids a scumbag."
by Ryan Macks April 10, 2007
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1) A piece of shit drug dealer or low life anywhere in the US.

2) Specific to New England the scum bag is a heritage. Defined as a way of life or description of somebody.

A New England scum bag will:

Smoke cigarettes at an early age
Vandalize property
Kill animals
Listen to heavy metal
Have no regard for school, people, or life
Use drugs (mostly Marijuana but also hard Meth use)
Own a truck or some large vehicle
Own lots of land, guns, and live near woods
Occasionally deal drugs
Frequently break the law
Smoke a Cigarette down to the filter to get as much a high as possible out of the 'bacco
* A lot of New England scum bags will surprisingly succeed at alot of things
Alex: Yo, dude. That bud you sold me was the shit! Anyway can you steal some Cig's from the mini-mart? Oh, and some condoms.
Ryan: Shut the fuck up man, ill fucking kill you. Were gonna score some booze tonight man, you in?
Alex: Nah, me and my cuz are gonna smoke some crystal and joy ride down by the power lines.
Mason: Whispers* hahah! alex is such a scum bag
by sweetdream420$ November 28, 2010
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a Scumbag is a boyfriend that goes and fucks someone while you're spending the day with your family on your birthday
Can you believe Chuck is such a scumbag?
by Franz B April 26, 2011
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Someone who has surpassed the levels of Jerk, Asshole, Douche-bag and Motherfucker.
Wears baseball caps sideways, spouts meaningless bullshit at everyone, claims he has 'swag', and sleeps with nearly everybody's girlfriend.
Usually has greatly reduced intelligence, and is almost always a hypocrite.
The best ways to deal with a scumbag are:
A: Beat the shit out of him.
B: Make fun of him until he cries, or loses his temper.
C: Say something highly intelligent, forcing him to say something incredibly stupid.
Scumbag: Lol, I fucked your girlfriend last night, you have no sweg, lol.

Guy 1: Did you see that scumbag over there? That dick-wad is wearing his hat sideways!
Guy 2: Yep, definitely a scumbag. Better keep your girlfriend away from him.

Scumbag: Lol, ur gay, no swag, I has #Sweg, fag.
Guy: Hey, leave them alone!
Scumbag: Whatcha gonna do about it?
Guy: *says nothing*
Scumbag: Damn straight.
Guy: Really? I couldn't tell you were.
*everybody laughs*
by Theminemodder April 15, 2014
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Famous Youtuber that exploits fans for lewd/nude images while banging a close friends wife
Did you hear about that youtuber getting nudes from his fans? What a scumbag
by ZombieBootySylvanus May 10, 2019
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One who clips his finger nails in a public or business environment and lets the clippings fly all over the place.
Can you believe that scum bag Pat was clipping his nails at the meeting.
by Lance Mackoviac June 15, 2010
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