Bill Clinton. Hillary Clinton. DNC. John Podesta. Backstabbing republicans. Barack Obama.
Those scumbags are rigging the election.
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by Inteligram October 27, 2016
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noun Slang: Vulgar.

1 .a condom.

2. a mean, despicable person.

Etymology: 20th Century: perhaps from earlier US sense: condom, from US slang,(scum = semen, + bag)
The word scumbag originally referred to a condom. Especially, a used one;
"get rid of your disgusting scumbag!", "That guy is a total scumbag!"
by vickeyrozz February 13, 2014
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Scumbag or $cumbag is an underground rapper, well known for his brutal uttermost lyrics. His myspace page is - www.myspace.com/scumbagrap
You remember that rapper Scumbag, damn that thun's ill bra ?
by Luciano_Davies December 03, 2008
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A scum bag is a used condom or rubber.

The term itself is more often used to describe an individual who has a worth of equal or lesser value to a scum bag in the opinion of the one using the term.
Ewww... our hotel room has scum bags under the covers!!!

Which one of you scumbags took the last piece of pie!

That scumbag cut me off!

How not to use it: O Granny, you're such a scumbag.
by wobblyheadeddann February 20, 2006
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Its a term used in the times of our grandparents. It means a used condom.
I had to throw out the scumbag after I ejaculated in it.
by Dirrty Deez June 24, 2009
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A famous Jacksucksatlife quote. The quote was created by 21Vapes, when he got hold of his faction mate’s ender chest in minecraft. From that day on Jack used this whenever he found a person using hacks.
by PeakSquirrel September 14, 2019
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Someone who is absolutely ignorant to their gross way of life. Someone who then tries to tell you their way of life is the only way of life. A person who is devoid of moral understanding and who repeatedly spreads lies about their real agenda.
Ilhan Omar is a scumbag.
Alexandria Cortez is a serious scumbag.
The liberal far left is a sea of scumbags.
by B Tsunami September 29, 2019
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