a verb. To scream and cry simultaneously; rage; basically, to lose your shit.
Rush-hour traffic makes my want to scry!

scream cry rage go crazy
by E Dub March 24, 2015
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When your'e such an emotional mess you cry and scream at the same time
Dan: oh my god, I can't belive how much I want to actually scry right now
by Boishollaatme June 6, 2018
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When someone is upset, sad or mad and is shouting and crying at the same time.
Guy 1: Did you see Erika today.
Guy 2: No why what happened to her?
Guy 1: She was scrying.
by Definitianator November 13, 2011
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To divine future events or gain perspective on current events in far off location using a crystal ball.
The old witch scried a horde of plunderers en route to the village. scry
by drodawg August 6, 2007
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1. very cool, rad, wicked, unbelievable, skillful, praise-worthy.

Background: indie/alternative slang
Was that you shreading? Your guitar playing is hella scry!
by The Turp July 7, 2004
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Reading the future by studying the patterns formed by semen after giving someone a facial.
"Sophia gazed deeply at the streaks of semen Paul had just deposited upon Rachel's face. 'Spurt scrying is an ancient art almost lost to this age...' Sophia said."
by Dribbles23 March 5, 2008
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