Nice way of saying "fucking the dog". Wasting time while on the clock.
I don't get much work done on Fridays, because I spend most of the day screwing the pooch.
by Motorhead October 15, 2011
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to fuck things up royally; originally used by U.S. naval aviators to mean "crash one's plane into the water"
by Anonymous June 5, 2003
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This expression means to make a catastrophic error or failure.
Watch him screw the pooch at the last minute and the deal fall through.
by Duckbutt January 29, 2006
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"Man, I really screwed the pooch when I talked to my boss while I was druck last night."
by Quentin August 1, 2003
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To commit a blatant heinously humiliating error.
When he got drunk and took on the ninja, he really screwed the pooch.
by postmachoguy January 3, 2009
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