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Reserve a place for him in the morgue; that dude is ART.
by Duckbutt September 1, 2007
A style of French popular music of the 1960's sung by solo girl singers. Major performers included Françoise Hardy ("Tous les Garcons et les Filles," "Ton Meilleur Ami"), Sylvie Vartan, Chantal Goya, and France Gall ("Sacré Charlemagne," "Poupeé de Son"). Several of the better yéyé songs were written by Serge Gainsbourg (e.g., "Les Succettes," a naughty confection about what kind of lollipops Annie REALLY likes) and "Baby Pop," both sung by France Gall. Many of the yéyé genre were French language covers of American songs; but some of the best-loved ones were written by Françoise Hardy as her own material and covered such themes as loneliness, unrequited love, the passing of time, and the sometimes treachery of best friends.
French yéyé music never caught on big in the United States due both to the language barrier and to the simultaneous British invasion of the Beatles and the Rolling Stones.
by Duckbutt March 22, 2006
An emergency situation that goes extremely bad.
Last night we had a real goat rodeo; it's the weekend payday syndrome.
by Duckbutt April 13, 2006
USMC slang for sweet edibles, such as cake or candy.
Everybody liked it when a family member sent a kage of pogie bait to someone in the unit.
by Duckbutt September 10, 2004
The traditional Mardi Gras circular cake: festively iced with purple, gold, and green frosting. A small bean or plastic doll baby is inserted somewhere in each one. The one who gets this has to provide the king cake next year.
We had the traditional New Orleans king cake. As, as is tradition, it was not very good this year, either. Still, it's a reminder of New Orleans: the best damned city in the country. Even though it's down now, it will come back, so hang loose and let the good times roll.
by Duckbutt February 27, 2006
The mythical hairy man-beast allegedly living in the Honey Island Swamp in St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana.
Ever since Katrina, no one's seen the Wookie any more; chances are that he shaved and moved to Dallas and will start for the Cowboys.
by Duckbutt March 4, 2006