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To scran somthing is to eat something, in this context to shovel it into your mouth as fast as possible. Also, scran can be used to reference food.
Lets go get some scran.

Q: What happened to your mars bar?
A: I scranned it.

look at that fat scranner...
by MaddogMotherFucker June 10, 2005
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People who wear addidas and nike, and who follow the major trends in footwear and sports gear, mainly found at secondary schools, in the Leeds area
Look at that group of scranners over there, or that kids a right scranner
by Jackal July 21, 2003
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Child/teenager of low moral fibre, usually clad in sportswear such as Adidas, Nike, Rockport and Kappa, though some dress as skaters. Typical activities include underage drinking, drug taking, burglary, joyriding, shoplifting and vandalism (especially of the public transport system).

Scranners are often found playing truant from school, and when attending they are often disruptive and usually reside in the bottom sets due to their chronic inability to do any work.

Males are often arrested by the age of 16. For femailes replace "arrested" with "pregnant" though it is not uncommon for females to be arrested too.

Origin; it is unknown exactly where are when the word was coined, but it emerged in North-West Leeds, UK, in the mid/late 1990s.

Synonyms; scally chav kappa slapper townie
If he calls me a scranner again I'm gonna batter him, then I'm gonna go get smashed, rob someone and buy some drugs!
by nN June 01, 2004
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