The social order in which any high school runs from top to bottom.

1. Jocks/Preps/Sufer dudes- Made up of the school sports players, cheerleaders, and any Hollister or Abercromie wearing preps.

2. The school clowns- Although they aren't in number ones status they associate with them on a daily basis, and keep the school in constant laughter and fit in with any clique.

3. The Multi-Taskers- These kids run everything from the school paper, to Home coming they're extremely social but run a tight shift. My hats off to them.

4. The Drama crew- These budding Romeos and Juliets spend countless hours acting, singing, dancing and writing allowing contact with other students with similar interest and tend to talk to people with similar interest.

5. The Anime/Goth group- Very closely related to the Drama Crew most still work in that group but after winning their independence they formed they're own group led by Anime loving Gothic kids.

6. Teachers Pets- Almost like the School Multi-Taskers but annoying as hell, and always trying to bring others down.

7. Computer Geeks/Nerds- The imfamous nerds and computer geeks have been at the bottom of the school hierachy since the dawn of time.

8. Newbies- Although at the bottom there is a 90% chance they wont stay there long' if they talk to the right people they could very well climb to the top in no time.
See Cliques, jocks, preps they all deal with School Hierarchy.
by Kayeman Laner March 18, 2006
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They date each other, hang out with each other. Sometimes cheerleader girls will hang out with girls who play other sports, like volleyball, gymnastics, or track. But jocks very rarely expand their social circles.

Music Kids
They're "hipsters" who play in the band or sing in the chorus or both, and take music very seriously. They take extra music classes, do the play and musical, and only hang out with each other.

They generally hang out in some remote area of the parking lot before, after, and during school. They don't do much.

These are the girls that crave attention, usually in the form of male Facebook likes, and then complain about creepers on their bikini/cleavage shot.

They are generally black or Hispanic. They talk loud, wear clothing that is much too tight, act uneducated, and Typee Lykee Diss .

Excellent grades, athletic, ambitious. They are the ones who came to public school after a private Catholic school. They make friends with the popular kids.

Not necessarily smart, these kids love hanging out in their rooms with a video game. Sometimes they get good grades, but not always.

They hate the mainstream, just like music kids, but goths hate music kids too because they just hate everyone. They stay below the radar and sit in the corner.

They don't have any friends. They are often used by others for a quick laugh. They are bitter wallflowers. They either look down on others or are afraid of others.
Cheerleader: Hey, look at that weird loner kid.
Jock: OMG what if he shoots us all. Man, that would suck.
Prep: He gets all D-'s!
Music Kid: He doesn't even take band...his situation is dire.
Nerd: I won't even talk to him. He's at the bottom of the high school hierarchy.
Goth: Me, either.
Ghetto: Girl you know I ain't touchin that nutcase.
Slut: I'd fuck him if he would just like my profile picture already.
Skater: Dude, lay off him. He just needs a good batch and he'll be all set.
by unseen observer August 22, 2012
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The ranking system that makes football cool and golf...well...not so cool.
Damn that high school sports hierarchy!
by lil' T... September 18, 2006
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The ranking system of sports that are cool to not-so-cool.

Football, Lacrosse
Basketball, Soccer
Baseball, Volleyball
Hockey, Swimming
Wrestling, Track
Cross Country, Tennis
Golf, Bowling
Football and Lacrosse are at the top of "coolness" on the high school sports hierarchy.
by Death Shredder July 30, 2007
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The law in high school that states all lacrosse, football, baseball, basketball, hockey, soccer players and Track/XC Runners are the coolest people in high school and get all the hot chicks.
Im a Track/XC runner and i get hot chick # 1

Hey you lacrosse player you can have hot chick # 2, and Football QB u can have all the rest!

Soccer player: You over there what sport do you play?

Kid: None

Soccer player: Oh then ur not cool at all

Baseball player talking to basketball player: I love this high school sports hierarchy because we are so cool and the chicks dig us!
by Sportsfreeek May 5, 2009
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