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a girl's(well, usually a girl's..)picture usually found on myspace or facebook/etc. that is taken from above showing off anywhere from a beautiful,massive cleavage all the way to tiny,acne-loaded mosquito bite tits..and everything in between.

whether the girl takes the picture herself, or not and whether it was done on purpose or not is usually unknown.

some funny things to note about these are; if she has one, she usually has a bunch more.... and also, if word gets around about you and or someone else relieving themselves to these photos, the girl usually winds up getting all pissed and offended. if you don't want guys getting stiff/girls getting wet to your whore-ish cleavage shots, then DON'T FUCKING POST THEM!!!!
last time i saw sam, she gave me this dirty ass look and this is seeing her for the first time in like two years. guess word got out about me jacking to her one of her cleavage shots. it's really not my fault, if she didn't have any of them in the first place, then maybe i wouldn't have gotten so damn horny for her. oh well, i love me a good cleavage shot anyways.
by y2c January 12, 2011
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When in a picture you see that a friend has massive cleavage. If this friend is in the room, one must scream "CLEAVAGE SHOT" and punch that friend in the boobs.
Girl 1: "Oh, look how great we all looked at the Christmas party... my I was wearing a low-cut shirt..."

Girl2: "CLEAVAGE SHOT!!!!"

Girl1: "Ow! My boobs!"
by squirtle:) July 22, 2009
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