Used when a black person commits a crime
This just in: a gunfight just erupted between scholars at a gas station.
by internetdictionary101 April 26, 2023
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A word used for sarcastic remarks after someone says something stupid.
Scholar: I derped then dropped my phone into the Hudson.

Responded: Wow, you're a scholar.
by Set Blue 23 May 11, 2018
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One who has obtained the right to study (through financial aid, merit, status ..etc.) under the privileges of a scholarship. Word usually used in past-tense, however, can be used in reference to future occurences (example below;)
Jenny was scholared into NYU, how crazy is that?!

Matt, do you think you'll be scholared into Harvard...I mean, what are the chances of that?
by LilKiddo22 June 18, 2011
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to excel in schoolwork to the point of making one cool at some level; similar to baller
Derrick just scored again with the ladies...what a baller.
Leroy just got an A on his calculus test...dude, he's such a scholar.

by Lauren and Nicole June 23, 2007
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A traditional age college student who excels in academia but has no practical, real world skills.
Don't you know how to remove your heater core?

Sarah, I'm a scholar.
by DesPERRYado February 13, 2005
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People who are amazingly intelligent, tricky, hilarious, random, and lovable, in most cases they wield a wide variety of characteristic traits and personalities, and are willing to PROcrastinate when the time calls; they are truly the scholars of the 21st century. The term "scholar" can also be referred to "genius" or in some extremely rare cases, "Ze Bus" or "el jefe".
Yup, he/she is a scholar, and you see the scholar rollin' n others hatin', so you try to be like a scholar.
by FruitSaladYummyYummy February 13, 2011
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