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1. A feeling of disturbed surprise resulting from sheer stupidity.
2. A feeling of reassurance, embarrassment and shame because of realization of one's own stupidity.
3. Use as all-purpose word in awkward situations when one does not know how to react.

The pronunciation devides into two parts:
1. {ʃ} (hold for one to two seconds) and 2. {ɒk} (release as if it were a rubber band)

Origin: Germany
1. Ryan asked Samantha out..." - "Finally!" - "...but she said no." - "Really?" - "Yes." - "Schock."
2. "The New York Patriots won!" - "No, actually they didn't." - "Schock, my fault."
3. "We got our math test back" - "What grade?" - "Got an E." - "Schock"
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by Ty Bargo October 25, 2016
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Julia met Drake at a bar, and hooked up with him, knowing that her significant other could not be mad at her, because Drake was her celebrity free pass.
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The kind of surprise you get that causes a slight Germanic accent to be startlingly appropriate. Such as walking into your house and finding your spouse curled up with German erotica by the fire
Peter: Margaret, are you reading Kaiser Diver?
Margaret: Well, with you away on business every weekday I need to amuse myself in some ways, don't I?
Peter: Well, I haven't had this much of a schock since you gave Klaus a tour of the house while I was working late!
by Malaria August 15, 2005
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russian beauty, complete with a russian booty (;

"oh, she's a schock alright!"
by russianbeauty April 20, 2009
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