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Not only is this a brillaint song featuring John Lennon with his most wailing voice ever, but it is also slang for that ever popular drug of choice, LSD
Pete: ooh, do you have Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds?
Nick: Do you mean in my CD collection or in my pocket?
by Malaria July 18, 2005

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The little glitch that everyone from James Bond to your average Joe on the street has that stops him from reaching his true potential. They are always one of the following:
Women (my personal favourite)
Pete: Hi, my vice is womanising. I just can't stop, which means I am unable to lead a normal life.
Nick: I have alcohol problems. I can't stop drinking long enough to string three chords together.
Scott: I don't have a vice, other than womanising, gambling, drinking, smoking and kleptomania.
by Malaria August 15, 2005

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A weaker form of the devil - such as something that may posess innocent, young, fat rockstars mid-performance. This is rumoured to have happened to the world reknowned Jack Black numerous times, and the next victim of this rock-anti-God could be you!
"What's the name of the song? Explosivo!
"Don't know what it's about, But it's good to go"
by Malaria July 12, 2005

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Love pen - a slang term for the male genitalia more commonly known as "penis." Used in conjunction with the word writing
"Hey, Mickey, is it true you like writing inside men with your love pen?"
"Well, I've got plenlty of ink, I just need the paper."
by Malaria June 29, 2005

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The kind of surprise you get that causes a slight Germanic accent to be startlingly appropriate. Such as walking into your house and finding your spouse curled up with German erotica by the fire
Peter: Margaret, are you reading Kaiser Diver?
Margaret: Well, with you away on business every weekday I need to amuse myself in some ways, don't I?
Peter: Well, I haven't had this much of a schock since you gave Klaus a tour of the house while I was working late!
by Malaria August 15, 2005

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