"I just got so tired of school I had to leave, yk?"
"yk how I feel about that."
by idgaf99 May 04, 2013
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An acronym for the phrase "if you know you know". Often used in text.
"Many college students smoke marijuana and become sluggish, lazy, stupid, and unconcerned."
"If yk yk"
by HotMemeBoi34 April 19, 2021
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Girl: fuck that guy he’s so mean

The boys : nah he’s on his yks
by Lilgangsign October 16, 2019
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To commit an unusually large, noxious, and possibly toilet-breaking bowel movement, usually in a public restroom or someone else's home.

Source: Internet fora.
"Man, don't go in there ... somone laid a YK!"

"Dude, I was on a date and I totally YK'd the chick's house."
by Fed March 09, 2005
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Yo did you see YK?

How could I not? The aroma of him left me panty-less.
by Gent1eman December 05, 2009
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Used in the Bust Cap linguistic system, to fuck
"Bust this shit"
"YK thrice, DT all day long"
by Justyn March 15, 2005
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