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A man who pays money to wrestle with a woman who is often more muscular and stronger than he is, for sexual gratification, although no overt sexual activity is performed.
"I gotta go. I have a schmoe coming over at 12."
by Smart as Shat January 30, 2009
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Mispronounced version of S'more, notably used by Buzz Lightyear in the 1999 film Toy Story 2
"Don't worry, Woody. In just a few hours you'll be sitting around a campfire with Andy making delicious hot schmoes!" - Buzz Lightyear
by Blue the Raptor August 20, 2018
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A male patron and groupie of female bodybuilders. Often paying for sexual domination or wrestling with overtly muscular women.
I'm Jenna's schmoe.
by CrowfeatheR February 06, 2009
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Average, lacking excitement in many categories, meh...
The dating scene in that town looks like forty something Joe schmoes if that's what you're in to...

Settling down is a gamble, lack of excitement or spontaneous fun. He doesn't have to try so he doesn't and next thing ya know you're married to joeschmoe. He may just whackoff in the bathroom, yell at his kids to shut up then go burn rubber or burn trash. Or burn rubber on the way to your kid brother's house where he will then burn trash with him and whichever Hep-Ceptional adMires will burn along. #whitetrashbutnotallwhite

# FSchmoed
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