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can be used as an adjective, verb, noun, etc.. meaning gross, sketchy, sick, cheezel, oddity, creepy, jorts ; it can mean a lot of things but you dont want to be called a schleem. originated from the word schlerm.
ew that was really schleemy.

im schleemin.

look at those schleems.
by livinitlaur August 05, 2008
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This word will often appear in past-tense, i.e. Schleem'd

1. The act of completely and utterly destroying or laying a waste to a something, usually a person.

2. To overtake, or in any way negatively effect another players position, while playing as Schleembo in Mario Kart.

Mando: Ay bro how was your fight with Alex?
Jacob: He was weak, I completely schleem'd him.

Mando (Mandopad343): Who tf just blue shelled me?
Jacob(Schleembo): *laughing maniacally* GET SCHLEEM'D!!
by H0m3Wr3k3r July 30, 2018
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