The act of pursuing interactions with a person with intentions of dating them/hooking up.
Hey David, are you still gonna scheme Jen? Or have you changed schemes?
by Fckboi123 March 14, 2015
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1) subvert or undermine one's authority
2) devise an evil and or heartless plan of deception

1) someone or something that subverts or undermines one's authority
2) a shady/creepy person
I'm pretty sure Bobby could win the Scheme Olympics for following Betty after school everyday.

And the title for Top Scheme goes to...(drum roll) by the name of Michael Jackson!
by Doctor Scheme December 28, 2013
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Perl for drug addicts
"I am going to learn Scheme, man."

"You a crackhead, pothead, or meth-head?"
by Ryon420 July 25, 2008
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A really cool functional programming language, derived from LISP. Makes cool data strucutures like lazy lists easy to make.
by Mike April 16, 2004
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As used by Neil.See Neil.
It's a scheme we do. Yes and if you could just sort out the colour scheme.
by Random Dude January 14, 2005
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The cum on, to ejaculate on to
Guy 1: Dude how was last night

Guy 2: Let's just say I schemed on her
by Idkman2030 December 14, 2016
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to devise a devious plan. To be shady or otherwise use intellectual power to deceive or carry out a plan for a personal interest. A plan with a twisted plot.
Son, why you gotta scheme like that? that means why are you acting shady

Person 1: What are you scheming?
Me: How to take over the world
Person 1: I'm all we need is some pot and booze
by thundercat3307 June 6, 2005
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