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to devise a devious plan. To be shady or otherwise use intellectual power to deceive or carry out a plan for a personal interest. A plan with a twisted plot.
Son, why you gotta scheme like that? that means why are you acting shady

Person 1: What are you scheming?
Me: How to take over the world
Person 1: I'm down...now all we need is some pot and booze
by thundercat3307 June 05, 2005

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reference to a person who is either in high authority or of some importance to a specific event. Someone who usually benefits you to the point where you would be compelled to say "he is the man" but instead say "he is mans".

Is used to refer to people such as Presidents, CEO's, drug cartels, and other amazing people.

the word originally was "the man" as in "He is the man" but later was changed by highly intellectuall beings to "Mans"...for it is far cooler to talk like that
Ex 1:
"That's mans car!" in reference to a specific person's car

"Wow this stuff is amazing...he is mans" in reference to a pot dealer with some amazing stuff
by thundercat3307 June 05, 2005

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