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A Chicago term used in the 80s. Refers to someone who is from Schamburg, IL or appears to be. A Scham guy would be described as someone who wears cut off jean shorts, has feathered hair parted in the middle drives a trans-am and keeps a comb in his back pocket. A Scham is more than likely to have some kind of pube-stache. A Scham girl is named Tammy with poofy bleached hair-spray hair, wears thick blue eye liner. A Scham is not necessarily from Schamburg it was basically just a term to describe white trash.
We were at Great America and saw the biggest Scham of all time. He was wearing a Def Leopard Cut-Off Shirt, jean shorts, and a jean vest. His girlfriend was carrying one of those giant stuffed animals of the Tazmanian Devil. He and his girlfriend had their hands in the each other's back pockets as they strolled and gazed at the giant Merry Go Round. We heard the girl Scham refer to the teh boy Scham as "Toby". He called her "Tammy".
by BladeBlade July 27, 2010
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