A beautiful, intelligent, kind-hearted, sassy, sweet, funny, independent, and stubborn person If you are ever fortunate to encounter a Haven you should hold on to them tight because they bring with them a once in a lifetime kind of friendship They have one of the kindest hearts you will encounter and will always be there when you need someone to lean on They take care of You when you need help and will never leave you when you need them the most They live a life for Christ showing it in everything they do, and hold Jesus in their heart They are the true embodiment of a kind, caring, trusting, and good person Their smile chases out the darkness faster than light She keeps too much too herself and wishes to let others know but doesn’t know how If you have a Haven in your life let them know you will be there for them She is a strong and determined individual, who will always fight for what she wants Haven will speak her mind and won’t hold back what needs to be said She always knows just what to say to light you up when you’re down
She lives her life for others and not for herself She is as selfless as someone could ever be Haven is some you aspire to be She is the friend you have always wished She is everything and deserves eveything Haven may at times think she is alone when in reality she has an army behind her just waiting for a chance to help her fight Everyone who knows somebody by the name Haven has been given a blessing by God, for Haven is an ANGEl ON EARTH!
Haven is the greatest friend you will ever have!
by kbonnieb630 July 10, 2018
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A person of intellectual beauty. Typically intellegent and athletic.
Her looks usually include lucsious, dark hair, thin posture, and she's a brown-eyed girl.
She can be demanding, but she is also a sweetheart.
Haven can brighten your day.
by EllerslieTiger June 13, 2010
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Hot as hell, usually has dark hair and eyes and a beautiful smile very mysterious like a Scorpio, that’s probably why she lure’s guys in like moths to a light that will most likely scorch the moth cause of how hot she is
Guy 1: “Damn who’s that chick she looks mysterious
Guy 2: “must be talking about the new girl *Haven*”
by Jbabe73 March 6, 2019
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(most commonly a name)

Meaning: Gentle soul, or Pasafist soul.
Gentle, kind, calm, peaceful, safety.
"She is a Haven, and wouldn't harm a fly."
by HavenisSwagger December 20, 2016
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Haven is a man with brown eyes who will always be there for you and will never let you down. He is very intelligent, sweet and funny. He will do anything for the ones he loves especially his girl, he is selfless in every way. Knows exactly how to love a woman. If you don’t know a Haven, but walked past a stunning man who may have tipped their hat or smiled and you wondered who that was, you would’ve had a 99% chance that was a Haven.
Commonly mistaken for a safe place or a boat mooring, Haven is a unique, unforgettable name.

Oh yeah, my mate Haven, he’s just a real solid bloke.
by parolinganertastic September 17, 2018
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A word best used to describe perfection.
That ice cream, was Haven...
by Ronayeee November 23, 2011
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Haven is a light skinned girl with big brown eyes. She also has very curly hair and is thin. Haven is nice and caring and loves all animals, she has the voice probably even better than an angel’s. She wished she looked more like her friends but everyone sees her beauty (except her). Haven hides all her emotions so she always has a smile on her face when you see her. She is also amazing and a fast learner at ever sport she plays or tries. This girl is smart and the funniest person you will ever meet. There is nobody in the world nicer, funnier, or more perfect than Haven If you’re ever lucky enough to get a haven never let her go
She’s so beautiful and I love her hair, I wish I was more liek haven. Haven’s boyfriend is the luckiest boy in the world
by Loveable words January 10, 2018
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