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A wannabe scenester.
They normally range in ages 12-16.
You can see a Scene-A-Be
at almost every mall. They normally congregate in front of Hot Topic. It is best to avoid them, don’t make eye contact, and should one approach or speak to you the best way to deal is ignore, or cunt punt/smash balls.
by Hitlers Yeast Infection September 21, 2007
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a scene-a-be, umm whoever made this word is uhhh creative.
practically a fake or poser.. same thing
adj: someone who trys WAY to hard to fit in with people that PROBABLY hate them; people that arn't orginal and have no backbone so they try to fake something they're not.
"oh my gosh, i just listened to dr.acula for the first time and I LOVE THEM, so im going to add them on my profile so i can look cool. I'm also going to add all my scene friend's friends on myspace and copy how they take their pictures!but I'm DEFINATLY NOT a poser or a "Scene-A-Be" and if ANYONE calls me that I'm going to do what my scene friend does and acr like I'm going to kick their ass"
by A$HL3Y January 31, 2008
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